Free-Bias Information Aggregator

All the spectrum of info about a topic,
in whatever platform you already using.

You feel the need to understand better about a topic,
without the implications of polarized ideas and distorted informations:

How BOLLA works?

No-brainer onboarding.

You are using apps or platforms for fun, might as well learn on those! You just have to choose your main language and select the platform you already use where you want to access to the free-bias informations:
- Social media;
- Newsletters and articles;
- Podcasts.

Become the smartest in the room.

Every month we will choose a main topic and we will email to you which pages to follow, creators to discover, videos to watch and podcasts to listen to get as full a spectrum of information as possible about the topic:
- No Bias,
- No Bubbles,
- No Suggested or Paid Content.
Feel free to choose how you think!

Support your ideas on multiple topics.

You will receive a weekly update of the spectrum.
The previous topics will be always on and updated if you want: you can decide whether to keep or disable them and move on to the next one.

How can we make a better value information?

Today's technology allows us to access billions of pieces of information at the click of a button.
Knowing how to choose and resist the temptation to fall into bubbles of information is increasingly becoming a superpower.
That's why BOLLA is of a total different breed.



Increasing of misinformation
Repeated in-depth knowledge on the topic over time
Conspiracy theories diffusion
Developing constructive critical thinking
Spreading of fake news
Increased awareness in recognizing fake news and avoiding it
Polarization of ideas
Full spectrum of information, from extremes to moderate
Anger and frustration as main emotions
Emotional agnostic

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